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The sun is coming back, what gestures to adopt to protect it?

Protect yourself from the sun

The days are getting longer, with milder temperatures and more and more sunshine. Walks, outdoor cafés, sports activities or gardening: all opportunities are good to enjoy the first rays, provided to go gradually. This is the perfect time to take stock of the precautions to take to enjoy the benefits of the sun while being well protected!

Prepare your skin

During the cold season, your skin is put to the test. Between blurred complexion, dry skin and chapped skin, it seems that the lack of sun and the external aggressions were right of your good looks. Healthy skin is always better equipped to get the most out of the sun. For this, nothing beats a suitable diet.
Some foods are known for their benefits. This is the case of many fruits and vegetables, particularly rich in beta-carotene and vitamins good for the skin, to choose preferably organic and to taste with their skin. By consuming them regularly, you ensure a fresh and luminous complexion.

The UV index: to consult before basking

No need to rely on the heat to know whether to protect yourself from the sun or not, only UVs should be taken into account. And as these rays do not cause any sensation of heat, it is better to rely on the advice of experts. Fortunately, several weather sites offer a UV index established on a scale from 1 to 11 and updated daily.
Very useful, these data allow to see more clearly as to the degree of sunshine provided for the day and the precautions to take. The rule is simple: between 1 and 3, the UV index is low and requires no special precautions. From index 4, the use of sunscreen is recommended. Beyond that, adequate protection is essential.

Sunscreen, an ally in all circumstances

Well prepared, your skin is ready to receive its dose of sun. It's not a question of ignoring sun protection, especially during the first exhibitions, and even more so if you have very pale skin. Sunscreen is essential to protect against the harmful effects of the sun, including sunburns that we all dread.
The degree of protection (IP, SPF or SPF depending on the product) corresponds on the one hand to its effectiveness, but also to its ability to prolong the resistance of your skin against the famous sunburns. The clearer your skin is, the higher the protection factor must be. However, whatever the index chosen for your cream, know that it will renew the application as regularly as possible to be fully protected.

Hats, glasses ... the best ramparts against UVs

Although the sun is still low and therefore less "aggressive" than in summer, we can not repeat too much to remain reasonable and avoid exposing you between noon and 14h. But if it is too insistent, do not hesitate to play with the accessories to make "screen"
between the UVs and your skin.
Nothing is more effective than material protection against the sun. Your clothes, hat and sunglasses will be your best bodyguards. Give preference to light, flowing clothes, wear a straw hat or cap and do not forget to wear a pair of glasses with protective glasses.

To make the right choice among the multitude of models available on the market, rely on the advice of an optician. This one will be able to propose to you a pair perfectly adapted to your vision. With tinted or photochromic corrective lenses (whose color varies depending on the light intensity), your glasses can provide you with ideal protection from the onset of summer. 

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