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Naturopathy, a global consideration of the individual


The natural discipline of naturopathy provides comprehensive care for the being, body and mind. Naturopathy attaches itself to this overview and respects it for a return to health in harmony and a general maintenance gently.


Physical pain

The look at the whole being is important and primordial for good health. This is the position of naturopathy.
Finding, restoring or strengthening the body's self-healing capacities is the primary means of action of naturopathy. This discipline targets the knowledge of the needs of the body to bring and know what to bring to the body in terms of hygiene of life.
It bases its effectiveness on a good knowledge of the body and its physiological needs.
Naturopathy, taking into account these needs brings well-being, better appearance, tone and energy.
By acting on the symptoms to relieve them and by supporting its effectiveness on targeting the causes of the latter, it brings more natural and above all harmonious results, in agreement with the whole body.
The targeting of the causes is not compartmentalized, the body is taken as a whole.


Moral distress

Naturopathy allows you to recover mental energy and confidence through a restored balance, both physically and mentally, for a solid self-confidence.
As moral distress can be induced by the body itself according to the somato-psychological principle, naturopathy is indeed an ideal response to discomforts whose nature is difficult to identify.
The work on the physical will induce an undeniable benefit to the mind in addition to the applications and practices which are directly intended for it.


A harmonious whole

Alone for a pleasant harmony maintained or reappropriated by the body or in addition to classical medicine, modern naturopathy of a high level and the interventions of the practitioner will bring well-being, relief, evacuation of the necessary stress during a long-term illness or on a daily basis to multiply the effects of conventional treatments or to counter and reduce side effects.
Taking into account the body, mind and mind creates a circular and self-sustaining work of mutually reinforcing benefits for the purpose of optimal results. The aim is a health and a well-being recovered in all harmony and intelligence of the body.
In all the situations where it is recommended, naturopathy can intervene alone or in parallel with allopathy.


Sweet harmony for all

Naturopathy can be aimed at relaxation and stress management and can be aimed at groups: families or businesses, allowing self-management of the harmony of the home or professional circle.
The services can be one-off or regular, in the form of a package, allowing access to the card to the persons concerned.
Thus, as stress management is provided continuously, it ensures the smooth flow of exchanges within a group and contributes to the proper functioning of the company in a manner complementary to its usual and classic management method, for the benefit of all. .