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Slimming treatments: 3 techniques to be tested in an institute

institute slimming treatments

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JUNE 25, 2019

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Diets, detox teas, creams and slimming oils ... Whether you take the initiative to prepare your body for the summer or you want to delegate your fitness (s) to aesthetic professionals, the road is sometimes not so long as it to refine durably its silhouette and erase his dimples softly! Wrap, draining massage or lipomassage: focus on three proven methods.

1. The wrap   : redefine the silhouette

  • How it works   ?

By applying cold or warm tissue strips directly to the skin, the body will be embalmed with products that will penetrate the skin more easily and act precisely to eliminate grease. on target areas.

A little like a poultice, the wrap will diffuse the active ingredients of the plants continuously, while exerting a stimulation of the skin according to the temperature of the bands. Applied substances may vary   : algae, clay ...

The goal is to leave the material without you having to do anything on your side!  You benefit from all the benefits of meticulously selected ingredients, which will cause a feeling of well-being while helping to moisturize your skin .

  • For who   ?

Wrap is for men and women wanting to reduce their fat mass .

However, it is prohibited for pregnant women and is not recommended for overweight people, or wishing to treat areas where the fat remains difficult to dislodge.

  • How long   ?

For the best results, do not hesitate to repeat the wrap sessions twice a month , spacing them by several days.  

2. The draining massage   : eliminate toxins

  • How it works   ?

Here, we are far from traditional massages that everyone can practice to get immediate relief of tension!

The draining massage must be performed by professionals who will practice precise gestures, whose movements will be directed not to a feeling of calm but to a disappearance oftoxins present in the body.

With the help of essential oils and natural products , the masseur will seek to restore momentum to the lymphatic system to improve its action.

  • For who   ?

For those who do not have cold eyes   !

The pressure on the skin can be supported, but it brings a real benefit to your body.

  • How long   ?

The duration of treatment varies depending on your needs, but it is advisable to perform a dozen sessions for visible effects.

3. Lipomassage LPG   : smooth and firm the skin

  • How it works   ?

This painless technique is similar to a manual palpate-rolling , repetitive movements located on the areas to be treated in order to reach the adipose tissue.

The treatment takes the form of a massage, lying down, by means of a special device capable of acting on the extent of the fat mass.

  • For who   ?

For those who also want to improve the appearance of their skin .

  • How long   ?

Count three months of sessions , spaced enough apart, to notice a clear decrease in fat especially localized in the waist, thighs, arms, lower back and buttocks.

Act on all levels

Here, slimming treatments are addressed to a wide audience and have benefits both on the body and on the physical appearance.

With or without a device, there are also other more traditional techniques , such as acupuncture or palpating, or even more expensive solutions such as ultrasound.

It is good to remember, however, that slimming treatments alone are rarely effective in the long term   : for long-lasting results, always be sure to pair them with a balanced diet and regular physical activity.

This article was written in partnership with Joëlle Beauty Center

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