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What music to increase your productivity?

Relentless phone ringtones, noisy colleagues, printer noises, ... No doubt, you work in open space! All employees working in this context know it, the sound environment of these open workspaces does not always offer, or rarely, the calm necessary for a good concentration. The temptation is then strong to don helmet or headphones to cut noise. 

However, the question divides in companies. So, does working with music help concentration? Many studies have looked into the subject in recent years and, without question, the answer is yes! Concentration, inspiration, motivation, music would work wonders on our productivity

But still it must be chosen to avoid the risk of having the opposite effect! Because all tasks do not necessarily lend themselves to listening to the same music, so it is important to adapt your playlist according to the desired effect!

Music at work: help with concentration or distraction?

We told you in the introduction, the answer to this question is yes! Listening to music in the office to isolate yourself from noise can help you focus better. And who says better concentration, also says increased productivity! 
For those who do not believe our word (as your supervisor), it is sufficient for example to look at the results of the study conducted by two organizations Anglo-Saxon copyright management: PRS and PRS for Music. In order to test their concentration, as well as their speed and enthusiasm, the participants in the study were subjected to mathematical and spelling exercises. Results: 88% of the people who obtained the best results are those who listened to music during the tests !          

Ideal in the context of intellectual tasks that make it less tiring, music also makes more repetitive tasks more attractive (we all have them!). In terms of creativity, listening to music promotes openness while reducing stress and anxiety. What to swarm new ideas!         

Finally, we can never repeat it enough, a happy employee is a more productive employee! Here again, music plays a role in promoting the release of dopamine, also known as the happiness hormone . This practice is thus excellent for our mood, and therefore for our efficiency! 

But still you have to choose your music according to the work to be done. If personal tastes obviously come into play, they are far from being the only factor of choice!

What music to privilege in the office?

Not all styles of music are suitable for all tasks. Beyond your personal taste, the choice of your playlist must be made according to the desired effect and the work to be done.

Thus, for an optimal concentration, a writing task for example, opt for a neutral music, without too much change of pace . Purely instrumental music is ideal for creating a permanent background, conducive to concentration.         

You can also opt for background music to create a quiet sound world. Internet is full of playlists of this type, delivering you continuously the sound of the sea, the rain, the forest, the wind, ... There is something for everyone! For a breakdown of inspiration, on the other hand, or a creative task, opt rather for a electro ambience with the planing sounds . A playlist of trips trip-hop is for example all indicated. On the other hand, do not play your favorite playlist, at the risk of spending your time humming rather than finding inspiration!

Listen to your favorite music while working, does it work?

It is always tempting to listen to your favorite music, the one that makes you stomp and jiggle on your seat. If it helps undoubtedly to regain your enthusiasm, productivity side instead, the account is not there ! In general, there is evidence that music containing lyrics is detrimental to concentration. Your brain will indeed tend to focus on deciphering these words, even in the case of a language that is unknown to you. 

Keep your best of hits of the moment for the start of the day or after your break, to find all your motivation. At the limit, run it to perform repetitive tasks, a bit boring, but simple. For an iconographic research it is yes, for the proofreading of a contract it is no!


Music in the office: it's all about volume

This may seem obvious but deserves to be said: avoid putting the music to the bottom! This is not only very bad for your hearing system, but it can also cause some very understandable neighborhood problems. 
It is also a question of listening to the open space activity, nothing more annoying than calling a colleague 100 times before seeing him turn his head. Favor a low volume, enough to cut you the most disturbing noises, but not isolating you completely
The open space is also a space of exchanges and life!                        


Where to find a playlist adapted to work?

First, avoid free radios and music platforms that intersect every piece of commercials. Each spot is indeed an opportunity to be distracted. And when we know that it takes an average of 20 minutes for a human being to reconcentrate, better avoid!      

Privilege a personal playlist, preferably stored on a USB drive rather than your work computer . Alternatively, subscribe to a streaming music platform, the subscription removing the ads (count between 5 and 10 € / month). These platforms also offer ready-made playlists, classified by theme: Zen, classical, jazz, atmosphere, etc. You will find necessarily the one that suits you!  

Finally, do not forget that music at work must remain a tool of productivity and not be transformed into yet another distraction. Everything should be fine with your manager!

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