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9 received ideas that will not make you lose weight

Are you ready to try a lot of things to lose weight? Yet, some misconceptions can undermine your goodwill. That's why we have identified for you these ready-made, sometimes stubborn, but mostly completely wrong ideas. You will put all the chances on your side to start your regime calmly.

Skip a meal to lose weight

Although logical, in fact, this idea is a mistake. Faced with this deprivation, the body will change its behavior and store the next meal , which is not the desired effect in a diet. On the other hand, if you are really hungry, you may develop a compulsive behavior that will make you eat more. If, on the contrary, you are not hungry, make sure you eat very light or put off your meal for an hour or two.

Abuse light products

Light products can be consumed during a diet, but sparingly. Indeed, these reduced calorie foods are unsatisfactory in terms of taste, so that we tend to eat more without much remorse since they are lightened. Finally, be aware that if a product is low in sugar, for example, it often contains more fat than the traditional product to improve the taste.

Pineapple and grapefruit to burn fat

Their reputation of fat burner is more to do and yet it is completely unfounded. If they have enzymes that improve digestion, their amount is not enough to be miraculous. You can consume them as part of your diet, but in moderation, at risk of serious deficiencies and loss of muscle mass .

Lose weight by banishing starchy foods

This is an idea still very common, while starchy foods are essential to our body. They provide the body with carbohydrates, which provide the energy needed to hold between two meals. Starchy foods also have a satiating effect, providing a feeling of satiety. The important thing is to consume them in reasonable quantities . Choose starchy foods in their complete form, which are richer in fiber and vitamins.

To practice sports intensively

Having a sport activity , even intense, does not result in losing weight without good food hygiene. Combined with reasonable and diversified diet, the practice of a sport leads to an increase in energy needs. Again, it's all about dosage. This practice must be regular without being extreme , at a rate of 3 times a week. You will also find a better ease and more harmony with your body.

Eliminate fat from your diet

This radical solution, although tempting, is not at all adapted to the good functioning of our organism. Indeed the body needs fats to store energy. It is also included in the composition of cell membranes facilitating nerve exchanges. Rather than eliminating them from the diet, it will be necessary to focus on choosing them by focusing on unsaturated fats such as olive oil or coconut, almonds, salmon, or even lawyer .

Help yourself appetite suppressant

This solution should be considered with great care because it can prove to be a real trap. Indeed, these pills will not eliminate your feeling of hunger, but repel it. Hunger returns then, more intensely. You are then tempted to increase the dose putting your health in danger. Know, finally, that the apple and the egg are excellent natural appetite suppressants .

Drinking a lot of water makes you lose weight

Drinking water is essential in maintaining the proper functioning of the body. On the other hand, drinking excessively high water (more than one liter per day) will not help to eliminate unwanted pounds more quickly. A reasonable consumption still allows to be satisfied more quickly .

I deprive myself

Nothing like a restrictive diet ... to regain weight! Deprivation causes enormous frustrations that accumulate. Once the diet is over, you resume your bad habits and the pounds are relocated, inexorably. A good diet, for it to be effective, must be done in the long term, gradually rebalancing its diet . Forget the quick diets that make you lose weight fast, to focus on food changes that will benefit you in the long run.

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