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Take advantage of this period to take online courses

Young man doing e-learning

Containment also has its share of positive aspects   ! If we previously gave you 10 ideas of things to do at home , you also have the opportunity to develop your skills through online courses and  e-learning.  ! MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) , tutorials and other YouTube videos will allow you to train in the field of your choice.


MOOCs available in all areas and for all budgets

You want to learn how to create a website from A to Z   ? Learn to play an instrument   ? Then MOOC platforms are made for you   ! Thus, you can find solutions such as OpenClassrooms which offers many free training courses in various fields such as management, UX Design or digital marketing.

The Udemy platform is also a key player in online courses and e-learning   : it offers courses in English and French in many areas   : IT, graphic design, fashion, music, etc. However, a large number of courses are chargeable and you will have to pay at least ten courses to participate. Rest assured, the platform regularly offers promotions.

Follow tutorials and learn from YouTube

The famous video platform has many channels dedicated to knowledge and learning . If your goal is simply to inform yourself or to educate yourself on various and varied subjects, the TEDx channel offers you numerous conferences around different subjects (astronomy, psychology, neuroscience, etc.) led by specialists.

YouTubers experts in their field also offer a large number of video tutorials to improve your skills in a given field. For example, this Youtuber offers many free and detailed tutorials to learn and improve your skills in Photoshop, a skill that can be useful in many professional and personal situations.

Solutions that allow à la carte learning

The advantage of all these options is that they will allow you to improve according to your goals   : you learn at your own pace. Note also that some platforms like OpenClassrooms offer paid courses but diploma, which is a considerable asset to stand out on the job market   !