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Discover Luxembourg by bike!

When the weather is nice, it is nice to go for a bike ride. On a weekend or a rest day, why not take advantage of the sun to visit the country while practicing a sporting activity? Editus gives you some ideas for walks to perform.

First of all, be aware that every cyclist must respect certain safety measures, under penalty of a fine (between 49 and 74 €) .

Thus, your two wheels must imperatively be equipped with a certain number of accessories:

  • A front light of at least 3 watts;
  • A red rear light;
  • A bell that must be audible at least 50 meters;
  • 2 brakes (to activate manually) fixed to the left and right of the handlebars. An alternative exists: a manual brake placed on the handlebars and provided with a back-pedaling device;
  • At least 2 white or yellow retro-reflectors fixed on each wheel;
  • A red retro-reflector attached to the back;
  • A white or yellow reflector attached to each pedal;
  • A yellow reflective strip (10cm high and 3cm wide) on the mudguard or the rear frame.

Even though wearing the helmet is not mandatory, it is still strongly recommended .

Bike paths in the Grand Duchy

The country has a 600-kilometer network accessible to cyclists, which will, in a few years, pass 900 kilometers.

The trails are marked and the vast majority of them are away from road traffic. What make your ride a pleasure. What's more, the paths are maintained on a regular basis.

There are 23 circuits : the opportunity to discover the nature and landscapes of Luxembourg , to cross pretty villages and to admire castles and other cultural attractions.  

During the summer season, some tourist offices also offer guided tours by bike and mountain bike. Do not hesitate to inquire with these structures.

3 circuits on which you can chase the kilometers

  • PC2 Echternach (43.5 km)

From Luxembourg City , this walk takes you to Kirchberg, where you can overlook the valley of the Alzette from the Red Bridge but also discover fortifications.

After crossing the circuit of the International Fair, you will continue your escapade in the woods (Gréngewald), before joining the village of Senningerberg then cross Hostert and Rameldange, with an arrival in Ernster.

The walk then continues for many kilometers through the fields to finish at the edge of the river"Sure" .

  • PC8 of the Red Earth (42,5 km)

You will take the departure not far from the French border, near Belvaux . Arrived at Esch-sur-Alzette, you will then go to the woods "Hiel", "Burbaacher Lach", "Waldschoul", "Heedefeldchen" and "Welteschgrond", that you will go along or cross in part.

After passing the National Monument of Minors, you will cross Rumelange, before arriving at Tétange .

  • PC17 West (47.8 km)

From Noerdange , from where you will make the first pedal strokes, you will gain Niederpallen where you can see the museum on the narrow gauge railways, as well as the equipment of that time.

To reach Redange, you will cross the forest "Quäkebësch", then descend into the Attert valley. From there, begins the "road of the Cuesta", intended for more sporting since it begins with an ascent towards Rambrouch. During the climb, you can admire a panorama of the "Gutland", before continuing your efforts to Rambrouch and Koeschette .

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