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Our selection for the literary start


This week is the literary season, the essential event for bookstores. So not to miss the best novels here is our selection: 


  • " Who sows the wind"  by Buchet Chastel   (Marieke Lucas Rijneveld - 9782283033364) € 20

In the Netherlands, before Christmas, Hanna, Matthies and Obbes Mulder go ice skating on the nearby lake but refuse to take their younger daughter, Jas. Vexed, she recites a fatal prayer against Matthies, who dies during the exit. Kneaded with remorse, the 10-year-old girl recalls the ordeal suffered by the family. First novel.


  • " Chavirer " by Lola Lafon (Actes Sud - 9782330139346) € 20.50

Cléo, a college girl who dreams of becoming a dancer, is sexually trapped by a certain Vocation Foundation before becoming an accomplice in her recruitment methods. Thirty years later, the case resurfaces. Cléo must deal with the evocations of those who, over the ages, have known, loved, disappointed or rejected her.


  • " Buveurs de vent " by Franck Bouysse (Albin Michel - 9782226452276) € 21.85

Four brothers and sisters grow up in Gour Noir, a valley lost in the middle of the mountains. Marc spends his time reading in secret, Mathieu hears the trees thinking, Mabel dazzles with her wild beauty and Luc talks to animals, hoping to become one of them. They all work for Joyce, the owner of the power plant, the quarries and the dam.

In a sumptuous and magnetic language, Franck Bouysse, the author of  Born of No Woman , takes us to the heart of the legend of Gour Noir, and signs a novel that looks like a parable on the power of nature and the promise of l 'insubordination.


  • " Heritage " by Miguel Bonnefoy (Rivages - 9782743650940) € 19.50

A family saga that features several generations of Lonsonier during the 20th century. From the Jura hills to the Chilean prisons via the trenches of the Somme, Lazare the Hairy, Thérèse the lover of winged beings, Margot the aviator and her rebellious son Ilario Da fly towards their destiny, linked by the mysterious legend of a missing uncle.


  • " Human nature " by Serge  Joncour (Flammarion - 9782081433489) 21 €

In 1999, while France is swept by a powerful storm, Alexandre lives reclusive in his farm in Lot, waiting for the gendarmes supposed to come and arrest him. A novel about the end of peasant life and the divorce between man and nature, through the story of a French family upset by the result of thirty years of progress, struggles, politics and catastrophes.


  • " The intimacy " by Alice Ferney (Actes Sud - 9782330139308) 22 €

A polyphonic novel in which Sandra, a feminist bookseller who has decided to never be a mother, Alexandre, an architect father who is looking for a new companion and Alba, a teacher who signed up on a dating site, meet. Through their aspirations, their fears and their choices, they illustrate the different ways of forming a couple, of being a parent and of giving life.


  • " The wild roses " by Carole Martinez (Gallimard - 9782072788918) 21 €

In Brittany, Lola, placid and lame, leads a solitary life, cultivating her garden diligently. She comes from a region of Spain where, as their death approaches, women write secrets that they hide in cushions decorated with hearts. When one of them breaks out and lets discover the unspoken words of his grandmother Inès, Lola's life is turned upside down.


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