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The measures taken by the CNS

cns government measures


In view of the recent events affecting the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the CNS has also taken action. The summons to the Social Security Medical Control (CMSS) are canceled until April 9 inclusive   !


CNS branches closed

With the arrival of the coronavirus in Luxembourg, the CNS decided to limit access to its agencies and to only accept visits by appointment by calling 2457-1. Only the agencies of Ettelbruck, Hollerich, Esch or Differdange will receive you for urgent requests.   All other agencies are closed. The CNS remains, however, reachable by telephone at the usual numbers and by e-mail at the address: cns@secu.lu .


Absence from work

A specific form for people who have to take care of their children under 10 is available here   : https://cns.public.lu/fr/actualites/2020/agences-c.html .
Concerning incapacity for work, the insured can send their certificate by email to the following email address : saisieCIT.cns@secu.lu

Here are the conditions for acceptance of this certificate   :

  • the Luxembourg number must appear on the certificate
  • the certificate must be drawn up by a doctor
  • including the surname, first name of the doctor
  • the date of issue of the certificate
  • the start date of the incapacity
  • the end date of incapacity
  • the diagnosis


In short, more than 15,000 leave requests for family reasons have been made to the CNS since the start of the coronavirus crisis. Short-time working was demanded by around 3,200 companies.