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Why call a real estate agent?

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You want to buy a property, sell your house or rent your apartment, but you hesitate to call a real estate agent? In the face of the negative image of which the profession has been suffering for a few years, many of you are wondering whether it is really indispensable and unavoidable. Can we trust his professionalism? You are told everything about the role of a real estate agent.

Professionalism and experience 

Above all, it is necessary to remember that a real estate agent relies on solid experience and a precise knowledge of the real estate and rental market . Holder of a professional card and covered by a professional civil liability and financial guarantees, he will accompany you in the realization of your project thanks to his recognized professionalism.

He will prospect for you 

If you are looking for a property to buy, it is not always easy to navigate the multitude of ads. The real estate agent is there to guide you and target your expectations . He will be able to prospect for you and select properties according to your financial possibilities and your criteria. 

He will value your property at a fair price 

In case you want to sell or rent your property, it is not always necessary to estimate its purchase price or rent. What criteria should be based on? Is the amount too much or not enough? As you can see, this can not be improvised. As a connoisseur of the market and the sector , the real estate agent will evaluate your property at the right price, according to its locality, its surface, its state, or the offer in the surrounding area. This will allow him to find you a buyer or a tenant faster.

He will take care of the diffusion of the announcement 

The task of a real estate agent is also to broadcast the announcement of the sale of your property or its rental . So, no need to go around all the websites, to dig the brain on the choice of terms and turns to use. The real estate agent deals with the drafting of the advertisement and its distribution via his agency and his network . He may also pass it on to his client base, some of whom may be interested in your property.

He will manage the visits 

The real estate agent then manages for you visits and making appointments. Always a specialist, he will select the creditworthy customers and most interested in the property to sell or rent. An additional way to save time, and that will avoid surprises such as a compromise sale that falls into the water at the last moment, or unpaid rent.

He will take care of all the administrative procedures 

Buying, selling or renting can quickly become a puzzle in the face of the complexity of regulations, mandatory documents and more. The role of a real estate agent is to manage all this for you. He will collect all the necessary documents and take care of administrative procedures until the signature. For a sale, he will check the conformity of the various diagnoses (energy performance, asbestos, lead, etc.), work in progress in a condominium, or take care of the deed of sale with the notary. For a rental, it will check the creditworthiness of potential tenants, their guarantees and sureties, draft the lease, or perform the inventory.

It will save you time and avoid the pitfalls

When looking for a property to buy, sell or rent, our time is precious. And the real estate agent is here to prevent us from losing it. Available and attentive, he is the one who will take care of everything, to ensure the negotiations and the smooth running of the different steps . With his solid experience, he will also avoid traps, scams, or poor workmanship, but also detect any legal problems that would have been hidden.

He will answer all your questions 

Faced with the complexity of administrative processes and regulations, the real estate agent will answer all your questions, guide you, advise you, reassure you. It will enlighten you on the time of sale, the legislation in rental, the risks on possible unpaid rents and the possible recourse. His role is to support you and accompany you from beginning to end .


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