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5 tips to become a billiard pro

Tips for playing pool

Accessible to all, billiards, activity that crosses the decades without taking a ride, knows more and more followers. To shine and amaze your opponents, here are some tips that will be very useful!

A little lexicon before you start: a pool cue has 3 parts. It consists of a barrel (which constitutes the "handle" or the "handle", it is the widest part) and an arrow (the finest half of the tail). The extreme end of the arrow is called the process . It is he who hits the ball, also called ball.

How to position your body?

Before hitting the ball, make sure you have the most comfortable position possible. By correctly placing your body in the space, you will have more fluidity in the gesture and will better control your movement. This is to ensure good stability at the bottom of your body . Except exception (special moves), you can apply this basic method:

  • Legs parallel and standing facing the shot, take the drum in hand at the height of the right hip (arm slightly bent). Place the process (tail end) on the mat, and adjust the position as if you were going to aim.
  • Shift your right foot slightly back, making sure it is perpendicular to the tail.
  • Your left foot should "look in the same direction" as the tail. Adjust it to be solid on your legs when playing your shot (shifting a little to the side or forward if necessary).

And concerning the top of your body? In order for your right arm to move as freely as possible, slightly shift your bust to the left of the tail . Keep your head above the axis of it, you will better control the aim.

How to place his fingers?

At the back, your right hand should not squeeze the drum that should rest on your fingers.

In the front, your left hand will play the role of easel . It is she who will stabilize the end of the tail (just before the process located at the end of the arrow) to bring a forehand and accurate to the ball you want to propel. For this, the tip of the arrow (10-15 cm from the process) must rest in the rounded hollow formed by the base of the thumb and index, which will wrap around the tail.

Depending on the height at which you wish to touch the ball, you will have to adjust the middle finger, the ring finger and the little finger that will remain whatever happens under the tail, and preferably placed on the mat. These fingers will be responsible for "sitting down" your easel and fine-tuning its position.

How to make a billiard stroke in retro?

A "retro" shot is used to roll back the ball touched. To succeed, it is essential to attack it on its lower part (lower half).

By hitting the ball below its center line, it will return to the spot following the same trajectory, backwards.

If you slightly shift the blow carried in the lower part to the right or left of the ball, it will return back at a more or less acute angle.

Nothing beats the practice and it is advisable to train a little before starting ! You will be able to assimilate easily how the ball reacts according to its point of attack.

How to make an attack in the center?

To make an attack in the center, the process must hit the ball on its southern line . To find the height of the center of the ball and perfectly adjust the height of your bridge, you can train by placing two balls "glued" to each other. The center is the point where these touch. It's up to you to play with shots in the axis parallel to the carpet that passes through this point!

How to make a casting?

The casting will allow you to advance the ball by rotation forward : it will simply roll forward. This time, it is the upper part of the ball that must be struck by the process. No precipitation ! To succeed a flow, slowness must be the key word of your gesture ... The ball touched will not go very far. To give more amplitude to this movement and to travel a greater distance to the ball, do not hesitate to back a little your hand on the arrow.

Playing pool well is a matter of patience and technical learning through practice. These tips are intended to give you some basics that you will work to control your actions. Be serene, good habits are fast and you will progress quickly!

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