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Managerial and Process Innovation

Who are we?

Companies are constantly looking for performance! 

20 years of personal management experience in the field of IT and software and application development. 20 years, using and testing a wide range of approaches, have been beneficial to be able to highlight today two distinct and complementary approaches: Innovation & Agility. 

Innovation is associated with Design Thinking, Service Design, Appreciative Inquiry, Lean Startup and Lab with a LISH method. 

Agility refers to the Agile method, the agile enterprise and agile change. 

Let's talk about change: what is the key to success? 

All methods can be applied and followed with the greatest interest, change can only be effective when the Spirit of Innovation and Agility is acquired! 

In the book "The Future of Management", Gary Hamel differentiates between 4 main types of Innovation: Process Innovation, Product/Service Innovation, and Strategic Innovation. And these three Innovations can never be effective without the fourth: Managerial Innovation

Can you innovate with practices close to presenteeism, "command & control", in the distribution of tasks? Or rather, can you get closer to the culture of co-responsibility, to the "Adult/Adult" relationship, to the creation of unique skills in the company, in an accomplished balance between the economic dimension and the social dimension, the building of new common values! 

This innovation is flexible, dynamic, agile! It is by no means radical! The implementation of micro-actions has a positive and rapid impact on your teams, we call them QIS (Quick Impact Solutions).

Change management can also be systemic and global, it is only sustainable and efficient in Innovation & Agility mode, in Lab with LISH Method. We have named it DIL Lab: Deep Impact Lish Lab! 

No Innovation without Effectual Leadership! 

The effectual leader is a woman, a man who becomes aware of his or her "effectuation", i.e. the ability to reformulate mental models in order to bring about change. The transformation then takes on a human dimension. The evolution of individual and collective mental models is conducive to adapt to this VUCA world [1]. 

Dare then this new experience with a human and mental dimension » HUMENTAL

Innovation & Agility share Your Success Story

[1] English acronym: Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous



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  • Professionelle Coaching, e Verméigen fir Firmen

    Professionelle Coaching, e Verméigen fir Firmen

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