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The Luxembourg Moselle and its tourist attraction

Some ideas to spend beautiful days in the Luxembourg Moselle. This region is full of a wide range of activities for your days off.

Remich is the tourist town of the Luxembourg Moselle

As soon as the sun makes its appearance, the city of Remich is black of world. The numerous terraces of Remich's bars and restaurants are stormed. But what are the reasons for this craze? Many attractions and events are set up for the whole family. For example, children can have fun on a safe track of mini-scooters. Next door is also a mini-golf course with 18 holes. These two attractions are ideally located in a beautiful setting on the edge of the Moselle Promenade.
Every weekend, events are organized in the place called "Gréin". This place welcomes all weekends parties under different themes. Often these events are accompanied by concerts or dances. You can taste the good wines and sparkling wines of the Moselle. All accompanied by good grills.
Remich is also known for its open public pool. The pool is open from Monday to Sunday from 10:00 to 20:00 during the period from 14 May 2016 to 04 September 2016.

The Horesca is an area that is also very present on the city of Remich. You will have the choice between a wide range of restaurants with different types of cuisine . However, we advise you to taste the famous Frit of the Moselle. To accompany your fish dish, we recommend a good white wine from the Luxembourg Moselle.
To spend a weekend in Remich, book a hotel room in one of the many resorts in Remich .

A cruise on the Luxembourg Moselle

A beautiful boat ride to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Moselle. You can embark on one of the cruises in one of the different starting points. Here are for example the cities where you can board Princess Marie Astrid : Schengen, Bech-Kleinmacher, Remich, Stadtbredimus, Wormeldange, Grevenmacher, Wasserbillig and Trier.
The boats of Navitours start from the cities of Remich and Schengen.
The various boats offer catering services on board. Guests can enjoy a menu or a buffet in the boat's restaurant.
Also note that these boats can be rented for your parties or private parties.

Fishing trips to the Luxembourg Moselle

To be able to fish in the Moselle, you will need to buy a fishing license. You can buy it in your municipal administration . This fishing license is mandatory for anyone who is 14 years old.
The Moselle offers many beautiful fishing spots where you can enjoy nature with your family. Nothing is more peaceful than being on the water's edge, enjoying the calm and catching fish. Be careful, however, to learn about the sizes that different fish must have to be able to bring them home. If the sizes are not respected, you will risk a fine in case of control.

Here is a table showing legal sizes of good catch:


Legal size


40 cm


50 cm


45 cm


35 cm


35 cm


30 cm


15 cm


15 cm


25 cm


35 cm

River trout

25 cm

Lake trout

25 cm

-> To know: for the measurement, we must take into account the tip of the head to the end of the fin.

To have the right fishing gear, the right baits and the good baits, ask for advice at a fishing tackle shop .

Visit the wine cellars of the Luxembourg Moselle

You are passionate about wine? Do not miss the opportunity to taste the wines of the Luxembourg Moselle. The vineyards of the Moselle enjoy a superb exposure that allows to obtain crus wines and crémants of excellent quality. The winemakers will be happy to explain how they grow these quality wines. The wineries are numerous and you will have the choice between a large number of family domains.

Campsites on the banks of the Luxembourg Moselle

Along the Moselle you have the choice between 3 campsites. The first is located in Schwebsange near the marina.
The second campsite is in Grevenmacher. The campsite has an outdoor swimming pool, tennis courts and a children's playground. Near the campsite you will find the Butterfly Garden and the Museum of Printing and Playing Cards.
A third campsite is located in Wasserbillig. It lies at the edge of the Sûre, not far from the Moselle.