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5 books to read at the beach

Woman reading on the beach

Stephen King "The Institute" is the comeback of the master of the fantasy thriller. We don't let go anymore! price 26 euros


Douglas Kennedy "Isabelle, the afternoon" the sensuality of summer with the mastery of a cult American author. price 23.95 euros


Franck Thilliez "He was twice" the black thriller that will make you shiver all summer price 23.95 euros


Elena Ferrante "The deceitful life of adults" Naples as a backdrop, Giovanna's youth will take us away in a great family novel. price

22.00 euros


Joseph Denize "When we talk about the devil" dare the spooky novel written in style, immerse yourself in horror with a note of humor or sarcasm! price 21.95 euros


The new opus "Esther's notebooks History of my 14 years" the cult comic strip! price 17.65 euros


"Screens, good practices explained to children" a practical and useful essay to put in the hands of our children! Price 11.20 euros


"Traveling without a plane" is not only an activist work but also in line with health news! open your dreams and ideas to escape without a plane! price 21.00 euros


"The anti vacation notebook for exhausted parents" To disconnect, with your pens and shirts! price 7.20 euros