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How to protect your car from the weather?

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SEPTEMBER 25, 2019

With autumn settling in, the weather tends to deteriorate. The natural elements can be very light and cause significant damage to the body of your car   : bumps, scratches, cracks on the bumper, breakage of ice ... Fortunately, there are many solutions to protect his vehicle from the difficult climatic conditions which are announced in the months to come, storms, hail and snow in mind.

Have a hard shelter built

If you are worried that bad weather will damage your car all year round, you can choose to install a carport . If you live in a detached house without a garage or adapted shed, this solution can be very judicious.

Wooden or metal, attached to the facade of the house or independent, a carport is easy to install. It will protect your body from the vagaries of the weather , but also falling objects, caused by gusts of wind, and the sun's rays after the beautiful days. Know that you can also rent a box on a specific period, during the winter months for example.

There is also another option to shelter your car in a covered public car park , or to someone you know. You can adopt this solution exceptionally, on the announcement of severe weather or when weather warnings are launched for example, or if you are away for a long time, for example in the case of a collective holiday over several weeks.

Use external auto protections

It is important not to leave your car outside for several days in a row. Indeed, rain, snow, wind or ice are all elements that can put your bodywork to the test and wear it prematurely: corrosion,  mold, scratches ...

To protect it, you can use a car cover , effective shield against any type of bad weather. Waterproof and available at very affordable prices, it also offers UV protection, which is responsible for the fading of paints. Tailor-made, it will perfectly fit the shape of your body to ensure maximum protection. 

Another simple rule is to avoid parking your vehicle under trees  : apart from bird droppings and sap that attack the paint because of their acidity, a fall of branches is always possible when the wind rises.

If the harm is done

Despite all your precautions, your bodywork has not been spared?  The incident is damaging, not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also economically , as it strongly influences the value of the vehicle and price negotiation in the context of a resale. It may then be interesting to have your vehicle inspected by a coachbuilder who will see the damage and estimate the amount of damage.  

Many modern repair techniques, not necessarily expensive, exist and can be used to restore all splendor to your vehicle:  straightening, puttying, dent removal without paint in the event of hailstones impact ...

How insurance works   ?

Generally, basic levels of protection do not support weather-related damage. It is therefore preferable to take out a specific insurance including a material damage guarantee, also called "Casco", which will protect you entirely whether you are responsible or not.

Once you are sure that your insurance is covering the repair costs , you will be able to take the necessary steps to obtain compensation.

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