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World Earth Day: the 50th anniversary will be digital!

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World Earth Day is celebrated every April 22 by more than a billion people. It was created in 1970 in the United States   : edition 2020 marks the 50th anniversary of the event is special because most of us will celebrate from home. So, how to  act in Luxembourg and being confined?


The "   Earth Day  2020 »   : a historic edition

This event invites every year all citizens to  participate in concrete actions for the protection of the environment. . It's time to take concrete action for the planet, without putting it off until tomorrow   : that day is the day "   model ”, the  good example, the day that should be like all the others   !

And this year is historic, not only because we are celebrating the 50th anniversary of this World Day, but also because it is the first time that it will be celebrated only digitally, due to the global health crisis linked to Covid-19.


A digital event

This year, participate in World Earth Day from home. Turn on your computer, turn on wifi, go to earthday.org   : you are ready!  Let's go for 24 hours of actions, virtual meetings and online conferences.

Another screen may be useful to you   : that of your television. National Geographic is  mobilizing for World Earth Day by broadcasting 24 hours of documentaries on the environment throughout the day of April 22   : find Before the Flood,   by Leonardo diCaprio, at 9.45 am, or  Jane, a message of hope,   on activist Jane Goodall, at 9 p.m.


It's your turn   !

This year, we are also offering you some ideas for participating from your home in this essential World Day. Initiatives to set up on April 22, and to keep ad vitam aeternam   😉

  • Sort your mailboxes   : email storage pollutes enormously by consuming huge amounts of energy. Sending an e-mail corresponds to 19g of CO2. In France, the data centers that store these types of files represent 10% of the country's overall electricity consumption. Data Centers generate 2% of CO2 emissions worldwide, which is as much as civil aviation.
  • Garden in your garden, on your terrace or even your balcony   : plant honey plants, which will help pollinators do their job.
  • Install waterers for birds that will soon suffer from heat. You can also install nest boxes for them   : in addition, it will give you company   !