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Our ideas for end-of-year meals

Whether it's Christmas or New Year's Day, this year you are determined not to spend your evening in the kitchen. The year 2020 was already stressful enough. So, so that you can enjoy your few guests without skipping the gastronomy on New Year's Eve, we have selected a few recipes to make in advance. From aperitif to dessert, here are some ideas for a stress-free festive meal!


A holiday aperitif ready in advance

In order to simplify your life from the start of the festivities, nothing prevents you from concocting an aperitif during the days preceding your meal.

Smoked duck breast cake is an easy recipe that can be prepared the day before: it is a simple savory cake dough to which you add, before baking, pieces of smoked duck breast. When ready to serve, cut into small cubes, success is guaranteed.

There are also the traditional Russian-style blinis, accompanied by smoked salmon or, more original, with a Roquefort cream.

Quick starters to brighten up your taste buds 

Verrines, terrines or spreads, the starters offer a real possibility to organize yourself before a festive meal. This is an opportunity to dare originality and opt for a festival of flavors.

The terrines can be prepared several days in advance and can be kept cool without difficulty. For a terrine of langoustine, salmon and vegetables, it will suffice to separately mix a salmon steak, langoustine tails, and small vegetables. Then, arrange them in successive layers, in a suitable dish, season and bind with egg. Finally, cook in the oven for about 20 minutes.

Finally, there are also the essential gravlax salmon or the slice of foie gras and its brioche bread.

A festive dish ready the day before? What more  !

Whole poultry is a holiday classic, but you can revisit it. This festive and very inexpensive recipe can be made well in advance. To do this, make a stuffing according to your tastes: with chestnuts, truffles or foie gras  ! A delight. The day before, cook a chicken of your choice in a casserole dish, which you will have previously stuffed. Finally, the same day, all you have to do is start cooking.

White or black apple pudding is also an alternative. Traditionally served at Christmas, you can prepare this dish several days before the holidays, freeze it, then reheat it in a pan when it's time to eat. If you make it the day before, just leave it in the fridge, it will only be better.

Some families prefer fish. We then suggest that you opt for a trout accompanied by fresh tagliatelle. Simple and efficient  !

What dessert to prepare?

You are spoiled for choice. Indeed, many pastry recipes are made in advance. Whether it's the eternal frozen log or a lemon pie, your guests will be amazed.

The tiramisu frozen log is one of the ideal desserts since it can be prepared the day before. It is a question of making a biscuit, as for a rolled cake, and to garnish it with tiramisu cream. Nothing could be faster. When ready to serve, take the log out of the freezer and serve it sprinkled with chocolate.

To add a little exoticism to your festive meal, the fresh mango panna cotta is a safe bet. It is a dessert ideally served in a glass, to the delight of the taste buds.


Our ideas are not to your liking?  Or are you really not in the mood for cooking this year? 
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