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Why attach the services of an architect?

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JUNE 11, 2019

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An essential part of the realization of a housing project, the architect is useful for a lot of construction, transformation or renovation of a building. If it represents a cost, the use of this professional has certain technical and financial advantages which it would be a shame to deprive you. What exactly are his fields of intervention and how can he accompany you  to calmly approach your site? Explanations in 7 points.

1. The eye of the expert

If the intervention of an architect is not always obligatory from a legal point of view for all the work on the building, it takes all its direction for the consequent constructions and the novices in the matter.

In fact, as a consultant, the architect will define and validate all the feasibility criteria for your project. With his experience, he will be able to detect all the potential of your home to get the best, give it style and style and bring a significant added value.

He will advise you as well for the arrangement and the rearrangement of the volumes as for the exteriors or the choice of the materials and will make sure to optimize every square centimeter of your living space.

2. Design to your image

The architect is able to decipher each of your needs to bring you an architectural answer perfectly adapted to the context and the peculiarities of your land. It will deliver a proposal that will fit perfectly into its environment while meeting your needs, and whatever happens, you will always have the last word.

Marrying aesthetics, design and functionality, it will establish the specifications and draw personalized plans in harmony with your tastes, for a unique rendering.  

3. A multitasking conductor

At the crossroads of the company and the client, the architect is able to intervene at all stages of the project.

If you opt for a complete project management configuration, it will have a wider scope of intervention and will monitor and execute construction in addition to the design of plans and administrative procedures.

With a global vision allowing him to coordinate all the works from the beginning of the project until the reception of the building site, he will follow the evolution of the works by ensuring their conformity and their good execution.

He will advise you on the builders and skilled craftsmen based on his experience and according to objective criteria, will plan the interventions of each trade and will manage any technical constraints that may occur and interfere with the objectives.

4. Make you save money

If soliciting the services of an architect is a significant investment , its cost should however be quickly amortized given the savings it is able to make you achieve over time.

On the lookout for the best quality-price ratio practiced by the service providers, he will defend your interests impartially. With the latest innovations in construction techniques and materials, it will also allow you to save energy.

It is also an undeniable added value :  remember that on resale, a building stamped "architect house" has a higher financial value than a standard building.

5. Enforce the clock and watch

In these areas too, relying on a building professional is a guarantee of safety.

The architect is indeed guarantor of the allocated budget and the good performance of the deadlines. It will encrypt work upstream to secure your starting bet and will be responsible for controlling the billing at the end of construction.

By negotiating directly with the various stakeholders and taking care of companies' quotes, it will allow you to control your costs and optimize your budget by regulating payments as the project progresses.

6. A wise connoisseur of the administrative and legal environment

The architect also has the mission to make your life easier by assisting you in all your administrative procedures .

Having legal skills , he has an exact knowledge of the laws and regulations in use. He will thus be able to inform you about the applications for building permit authorizations to be filed, the urban and energy standards in force and the state aids to which you will be entitled.

7. Offer you assurances and guarantees

As a regulated profession, the architect has the necessary professional civil liability insurance , including the ten-year compulsory guarantee in Luxembourg for large structures, which makes it possible to protect you against design and construction defects for 10 years.

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