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What are the key elements of a real estate sale?

key elements real estate sale

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10 JUL 2019

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Are you planning to sell your apartment or  house soon? To put the odds on your side, no detail should be overlooked:  a successful real estate sale is based on a specific succession of steps to take to maximize the potential of a home and find a buyer, as soon as possible and at the best price   !

The main criteria for evaluating a property

Estimate is paramount in any process of selling a home. However, determining reliably and accurately the value of his property is not easy, especially if it is considered atypical.  

To sell quickly and well, it is first necessary to check the concordance of the proposed price with those of the real estate market, which is changing rapidly in Luxembourg. By comparing similar transactions and taking into account the relationship between supply and demand, you will be able to approach a consistent and fair selling price.

The assessment will then be made on the basis of the properties of the property and the assets available to it.   :

  • Location  and location: attractiveness of the town, notoriety of the district, proximity to services and public transport, green spaces ...
  • General condition:  new or renovation work needed.
  • Area and arrangement of rooms.
  • Little more   : floor, exhibition, energy performance, parking, swimming pool ...

In any case, give yourself a slight margin of maneuver once your estimate is calculated so that you can later negotiate with the buyers.

Marketing a property   : the different steps

It is essential to set up a targeted and personalized strategy to seduce potential buyers:

  • Prepare a complete file containing all the useful documents: condominium regulations and statement of expenses in the case of an apartment, property and housing taxes, energy passport, plans, building permits, insurance ...
  • Once the first appointments have been made, gather as much information as possible about the people  you are interested in: family and professional situations, expectations ... Betting on anticipation will allow you to develop a relevant argument based on profiles and fly faster.
  • Ensure that visits are conducted effectively   : do not be too urgent and give buyers time to immerse themselves in each room to promote the projection. Stay open to the exchange and available to answer their questions.
  • Negotiate the price  : this step is sometimes difficult and may require the intervention of a third party who will act as mediator. Hear the possible reservations of the purchaser, but also make your arguments.
  • Finally, appoint a notary for the signing of the deed of sale.

Why mandate a real estate agent   ?

Putting a good on the market is never trivial   : by its complexity, a real estate sale can not be improvised. By using a real estate agent to accompany you, you will save yourself unnecessary stress.  

A knowledgeable professional and expert in his area, the real estate agent has an excellent knowledge of the local market and will guarantee you a sale at the best price, and in short time. By relying on its network, it will ensure your property an optimal visibility and you will thus save valuable time.

To be certain that your transaction is going smoothly from end to end, entrust your project to a professional who will bring you his know-how and real added value at all levels of your operation.

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