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Piercing: things to know before you start


You want a piercing but you hesitate ... to make you pierce? You can not choose between several places in the body, and the many jewels you find pretty? Are you scared of pain, scarring, possible complications? We help you make your decision!

The time for reflection, an indispensable moment

Since a few weeks or months, you are very eager for a piercing but you still hesitate. This hesitation proves, if it were necessary, that the act is not banal. Especially since socially, despite a significant evolution, the piercing is not always easy to wear. We do not get up one morning and say to ourselves: "Today, I'm going to get a piercing, on the right wing of the nose (or elsewhere)".

At the moment of the act, on the body, the doubt often seizes us and the questions flock . It's a small hole, just a small hole, yet it's an irremediable bodily change in theory. But in fact, when you are young, if you decide to abandon your piercing, often the hole closes without a trace. But the questions we ask are important. 

It can be a purely aesthetic choice. It is a desire to simply feel beautiful or a bit rebellious, to attract attention to a place on the face. Most often, the desire for a piercing seizes us very young. The tribe we belong to or want to identify with often motivates this desire. If our friends have piercings, chances are we want ours.

A piercing to show or hide?

Most often, we want a piercing to mount it. But the compatibility of a piercing with the professional life, in particular, is a data to take into account . In many jobs, a facial piercing is not tolerated. Unthinkable for a lawyer or communication manager in luxury! It is often social considerations that make us opt for a piercing located on parts of the body generally hidden as the navel, or micro-dermal piercings just above the navel or on the sternum. 

Another question arises when you want a piercing on the tongue or a ring in the lip: is it embarrassing to eat or kiss? Well, the answer of those who wear it is: "no, absolutely not".

Does it hurt ?

We can not say that piercing is a painful practice, unlike tattooing. Professionals usually know how to divert attention as they disinfect the area to be pierced. After, the pain comes down to a sting . The time to jump or push a little "ouch" is done. But with the help of motivation, most people do not remember it.

How to choose your piercer?

The choice of the professional is decisive. Its hygiene must be irreproachable because the main risk of the piercing is the infection . The professional must also inquire whether you have particular health problems that could make the operation delicate or dangerous: allergy to metals, diabetes, haemophilia, hepatitis ... If your friends are already pierced, they will recommend their practitioner. If not, go see, and ask how the session runs, what precautions are taken.

Is a piercing dangerous?

A professional does not compromise on hygiene. He uses gloves and a disposable needle that he pulls out of his case. It disinfects locally and places a temporary jewel, surgical and sterile steel, to wear during the healing period. If you bleed a little, he puts a bandage and lavishes you with the advice to follow imperatively for the healing to happen properly. 

The most important are the care to be adopted in the weeks following the provisional implant : do not touch, but gently turn the jewel every day so that it does not "stick" to the flesh, clean, do not hang on or rely on it ... It takes two months before replacing the implant in surgical steel by a jewel.

Piercing and pregnancy

During pregnancy, when the belly begins to curve, the navel turns around. At this point, it is better to remove the piercing to put it back when the navel will have found its location in the hollow of the belly.

How to choose your jewel?

The type of jewel depends largely on the location. We do not put the same jewel in the navel or on the chin. Their shapes, the diameter and the length of the stem are different. However a wide variety of jewelry are available for all types of piercings. There are also piercings in different materials to choose according to possible allergies. Surgical steel and titanium are hypoallergenic but silver and even goldjewelery is also found. It is also possible to make a jewel made to measure.