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About Groupement d’achats Widoo

Thanks to the volume effect, and the rationalization of the number of suppliers, the Widoo Procurement Group negotiates framework agreements for their non-strategic products and services. These purchases are too often neglected, due to lack of time and also because of the large number of suppliers they represent.


Each member company shares its purchasing needs, that allows the group to consolidate its data in terms of spends and take an inventory of the suppliers used by all. Out of all the suppliers in the group, only the best ones are selected and are referenced on the digital platform.


The goal is to obtain, together, similar conditions to large groups, i.e., on an average 20% reduction compared to the average price observed.

Each member can decide their involvement and active participation in the negotiations or decide to delegate them entirely to the professional buyers of the Widoo team.


All framework agreements are put online on an innovative and user-friendly digital platform. The Widoo Animation team holds the mission to present the advantages of each framework agreement to Widoo members, guide them in their choices and support them in their implementation. 



Our activities:


- Procurement specialist

- Collaborative procurement group specialized in the non-strategic

- Negotiation of framework agreements for indirect purchases

- Provision of framework agreements on a digital platform reserved for members

- Animation of a network of independent companies

- Animation of supplier contracts and direct presentation of offers to the members


We offer you :


Attractive contracts - negotiated on the following purchasing families:


-         Human Resources:

Interim / Recruitment firms / Training / Prevention / Security


-         General services:

Printing / Office / IT / Printing solutions / Telephony / Express messaging


-         Maintenance:

Fire protection and regulatory control


-         Consumables:

Tools / Industrial consumables / PPE / Work clothing / Equipment rental / Tool boxes / Signage / Hand tools / Workshop tools


-         Mobility:

Vehicle purchase and sale / Vehicle rental / Bodywork and windshields / Fuel cards /

Tires / Marking and flocking of vehicles / Fitting and conversion of vehicles


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  • German
  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • Luxembourgish

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Our products and services

We are offering you

  • Nous vous proposons : Des contrats attractifs, négociés sur les familles d’achats suivants
  • Ressources humaines
  • Intérim
  • Cabinets de recrutements
  • Formations
  • Prévention
  • Sécurité
  • Services généraux
  • Imprimerie
  • Bureautique
  • Informatique
  • Solutions d’impressions
  • Téléphonie
  • Messagerie expresse
  • Maintenance
  • Protection incendie
  • Contrôle règlementaire
  • Consommables
  • Outillage
  • Consommables industriels
  • EPI
  • Vêtements de travail
  • Location de matériel
  • Caisse à outil
  • signalisation
  • Outil à main
  • Outillages d’atelier
  • Achat et vente de véhicules
  • Location de véhicules
  • Carrosserie
  • Pare-brise
  • cartes carburants
  • Pneumatiques
  • balisage et flocage de véhicule
  • Aménagement et transformation de véhicules

Our activities

Administrative & financial information

  • Nace : Autres activités spécialisées, scientifiques et techniques n.c.a. (74900)
  • Trade registry No. : B245437
  • International VAT number : LU32259761
  • Date of creation : 07/2020
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