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About Sophr'Odyssey - Patricia Ferrante

I am a sophrology practitioner certified from the Caycedien Academy of Sophrology of Paris specialized with stress management, sleep disorders and ludic soprology.

Created in Spain in 1960 by neuro-psychiatrist Dr. Caycedo, sophrology is a holistic structured method designed to promote balance and serenity in our lives by reinforcing self-awareness: we become more aware and knowledgeable about ourselves, develop a positive sense of self and evolve more in tune with our needs, emotions and personal values.

At the crossroads between Western relaxation (Jacobson, Schultz) and Eastern meditation (zen, yoga…), sophrology’s dynamic relaxation (relaxation in movement) is made of very practical physical and mental exercises helping us to reunite the body, the mind and emotions, to rediscover hidden potential and inner resources.

These techniques are based on:
-a body relaxation releasing physical and mental tensions;
-Breathing and gentle movements to reconnect with our body and physical sensations;
-concentration exercises to reinforce personal resources, positive thoughts and attitude and thus to respond more selectively to stressful events.

From childhood to seniority, everyone can benefit from Sophrology. The method is very adaptable to all ages and abilities. The practise of Sophrology is bespoke and tailored to individual and group needs.

Gifted chirldren and adults, welcome your difference and cope with existential distress.


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  • Well-being and self-development
  • Better managing stress and emotions
  • Better Sleep
  • Approaching differently chronic illnesses (fibromyalgia, céphalées, acouphènes...) and pain
  • Awakening self resources/potential (concentration, memory, creativity, confidence...)
  • oing smoothly with change resulting from life’s stages (teenage, pregnancy, retirement, ageing, end of life) or events (mourning, divorce, moving, projects…)
  • Preparing for forthcoming events: exam, interview, speaking in public, sports’ competition, stage performance …
  • Nutrition disorders
  • Helping gifted persons or with learning disabilities
  • Support to caretakers of ill persons
  • Sophrologue
  • sophrologie
  • deuil
  • divorce
  • séparations
  • licenciement
  • retraite
  • vie
  • bien-être-méditation
  • développement personnel
  • relaxation
  • accompagnement
  • gestion du stress
  • émotions
  • peurs
  • anxiété
  • angoisse
  • troubles du sommeil
  • dormir
  • sieste
  • fatigue
  • cérémonie laïque
  • obsèques
  • enterrements
  • bain de forêt
  • sylvothérapie
  • shinrin yoku

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