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The Chamber represents the interests of its more than 430,000 adherents, i.e. all employees, retirees who receive a pension as former wage earners, as well as apprentices. The Chamber is associated with the legislative procedure and writes reports on draft laws and decrees, transmitting this way its opinion to the Government in order to defend the interests of workers and retirees. Furthermore, the CSL delegates employee representatives to the Social Security institutions and assessors to the Labor and Social Security jurisdictions.

The CSL publishes brochures concerning labour law, social security law, tax legislation, as well as other social and economic topics, which can be downloaded free of charge at http://www.csl.lu. It publishes position papers and opinions and organises public conferences on social and economic subjects in Luxembourg and Europe.

The CSL also offers digital newsletters, which are sent on a regular basis and are connected to news topics. You can subscribe to these newsletters simply by writing an email to csl@csl.lu, specifying which newsletters you are interested in.

The activities of the CSL concerning vocational training and continuing education, as well as trade union training are dispensed by LLLC, CFSL and CEFOS. stating the

Luxembourg Lifelong Learning Center (LLLC) is the centre for continuing education for adults, offering a whole spectrum of seminars, evening classes, tertiary education and vocational training. is the CSL arm that offers continuing
The objective of the Trade Union Training Centre Centre de formation syndicale (CFSL) is to promote union training programmes in the area of safety and well-being in the workplace.
The Centre de formation et de séminaires (CEFOS) in Remich has a multi-function structure for setting up meetings and conferences.

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  • Nace : Activités des syndicats de salariés (94200)
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