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Belvedere Architecture: IEE project

Belvedere Architecture - IEE Project

Specialized in several fields, such as architecture, interior architecture,
Project Management or urban planning, Belvedere Architecture has been entrusted with the construction of the new headquarters of IEE SA, a company specialized in sensor design. Based in Luxembourg, and more precisely in Bissen, the new complex centralises an office building and the laboratory and test halls.

Patrick Meyer, Luxembourgish architect, graduated from TU Wien, started his professional career at Architecture et Environnement SA in 2000. In 2007, he joined Atoz Real Estate Sàrl where he is in charge of management and consulting in real estate projects. In 2013, he became sole director and changed the corporate name to Belvedere Real Estate. In May 2016, Belvedere Real Estate became Belvedere Architecture and joined the OAI as an architect's office, then as an urban planner-developer in August 2019.

The Belvedere Architecture team, based at Business Park Contern, works on all types of projects, from the smallest to the largest, for individuals or companies, but always with bold concepts. "In order to best meet the expectations of our customers, we always try to have the common presence of architects and interior designers on the same project while entrusting the organization and coordination to one of our Project Managers who is present throughout the project, "explains Mr. Meyer.

Work and relaxation

The construction project for the new IEE headquarters includes an office space, a research area (laboratory building, test room / section), an entrance hall connecting these two surfaces, as well as private and public outdoor spaces. The new building offers more than double the size of the previous building. Patrick Meyer, the CEO of Belvedere Architecture, wanted to integrate the concepts of "Living and Dating" in the new offices of IEE, which has about 400 employees responsible for developing and manufacturing innovative detection solutions.

For this, several arrangements facilitate the discussions of corridor and the breaks relaxation. " The idea was to bring back different structures in which it is possible to work, alone or in groups. You do not have to stay in your office to complete your tasks. "

With this in mind, very stylish kitchenettes have been developed so that you can have a coffee or even work in a more informal place. Everything has been thought out so that employees organize their working time as they wish. The office plateaus, filled with light, are separated by a central corridor and have an open space character (or "Open Space"). " These offices bring an extra touch of character and friendliness, " says Patrick Meyer.
In front of the elevators there are large empty spaces so that employees are encouraged to communicate with each other without blocking the entrance. The stairwells, too, are large and spacious. "We wanted to make the buildings functional and dynamic," says Meyer.

A project between comfort, modernity and nature

For this innovative project, everything has been meticulously thought out from floor to ceiling.   Thus, the coating in the entrance, the place where will pass the most people, is a robust tile that can last in time. Regarding the floor of the kitchenettes, the team of Belvedere Architecture has opted for a wooden floor, modern and brings a touch of cozy, well present in all parts of the building. In addition, beautiful removable chairs and armchairs, contrasting with the ottomans, are installed there. " There is a mix of furniture, the furniture is from the same family, but change of design and color from one room to another ".

Belvedere Architecture has designed various pieces of furniture in order to respond optimally to the situation of each room. " Together with furniture manufacturers, our interior designers have worked closely together, both in design and execution, to develop and implement perfect solutions ," says Meyer.

The central theme of the interior design of offices is nature, which is significantly symbolized by the green color complemented harmoniously by warm shades of beige and brown. Yellow and turquoise, rather warm colors, bring a particular freshness. The choice of materials also corresponds to the theme of nature: woodwork balconies desks, wooden floors, chairs with felt and wool coating. Moss paintings and nature photographs adorn the walls. Finally, a large tree, worthy of the most beautiful gardens, proudly sits in the entrance hall.

For better orientation, each floor in the elevator area is marked with a different shade of green. As an additional aid, Belvedere Architecture has developed its own system of labeling the different rooms of the building to clearly identify each of their function by means of distinctive icons.

Always going forward

An experienced company, Belvedere Architecture is distinguished by the diversity of its services in terms of housing design. From design to construction, the company offers complete and optimal support. At the forefront of technology, it also allows customers to visualize projects in 3D with the virtual reality headset "HTC VIVE Pro". In addition, the Project Management department supports the clients in the management and the follow-up of their project by coordinating the different trades of the project, ensuring the respect of the budget and the deadlines.

Always ready for new challenges, the team is currently working on the design of their new offices that will set up on the Business Park site in Contern. With this "Belvedere 2020" project, the company is considering a sustainable solution for its future development.


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