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The day's horoscope

for mercredi 21 mars 2018
Aries 21 mars - 20 avril

If you are in a strong relationship you can become jealous today if you feel you are not given the proper attention.


A pie-in-the-sky fancy isn't as unrealistic as you think. You need to get back into the habit of dreaming big and why not open your own business?


Today is not a good time to press for mutual financial assistance or to deal in anything important with those of an irascible nature.


Invitations coming in today for weekend activities may provide fun, career contacts and even perspective enhancement of romance.

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Weather today

for Wednesday 21 March 2018
  • Min. : -4°
    Max. : 7°
  • Sunrise : 06:37
    Sunset : 18:50
  • Wind moderate
  • Rainfall :
    10 %

Check the forecast for the next 5 days

  • -1°
  • -1°
  • -3°
  • -6°
  • -3°
  • -2°
  • -2°
  • -5°
  • -5°
  • -5°
  • -1°
  • -2°
  • -2°
  • -4° / 7°
  • -5° / 6°
  • -6° / 8°

The day's traffic news

for mercredi 21 mars 2018

Traffic cameras

  • Tunnel Howald direction Trèves
  • Croix de Gasperich direction Tunnel Howald
  • Grunewald direction Gasperich

Speed trap controls in Luxembourg

Every day the police publish some of the locations where they will be carrying out speed checks. This measure has mainly an incentive purpose, however, the police will also be carrying out checks in areas not mentioned in the list below.

All speed traps in the country

Parking guide

  • Kirchberg

  • Park and Ride

  • Centre

  • Gare


Job offers with Moovijob

Search for job offers in Luxembourg

Tips and Tricks

Throughout the year, we supply you with various and practical tips on a variety of topics. Make the most of Luxembourg's good deals, plus any relevant information on the subjects that interest you. Day after day, we help you to discover new and fascinating things to do and see!

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