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The day's horoscope

for dimanche 19 novembre 2017
Aries 21 mars - 20 avril

Before you rush out to look at engagement rings and baby carriages today, make sure your significant other is on the same wavelength.


Someone in an authoritative position may try to argue with you today. If you work diligently you can avoid a confrontation. Anyway try to work harder.


Today as for your financial situation, you should arm yourself with patience, for the money you need will come soon.


Your expectations for those people around you are higher than usual. Enjoy sociable activities, but allow friends to be human.

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Les plus lus

Météo du jour

for dimanche 19 novembre 2017
  • Min. : 2°
    Max. : 6°
  • Sunrise : 07:54
    Sunset : 16:48
  • Wind moderate
  • Rainfall :
    75 %

Check the forecast for the next 5 days

  • -1°
  • -1°
  • -1°
  • -1°
  • -2°
  • -2°
  • -2° / 3°
  • 0° / 6°
  • 3° / 7°

Emergency call numbers

for dimanche 19 novembre 2017

Duty pharmacies

The Duty Pharmacy service starts at 08:00 and ends at 08:00 the next day.
  • Pharmacie de Clausen

    53, rue de ClausenL- 1342 Luxembourg

    43 32 61

  • Pharmacie Bouchard Guy

    15, avenue de la GareL- 4131 Esch-sur-Alzette

    26 53 54 - 1

  • Pharmacie du Réiserbann

    2, rue Edward SteichenL- 3324 Bivange

    26 36 51-1

  • Pharmacie du Parc

    31, avenue de la LibertéL- 4601 Differdange

    58 80 80 1

  • Pharmacie de Kehlen

    2a, rue de NospeltL- 8283 Kehlen

    26 30 44 1

  • Pharmacie Nordstad

    8 Route d'EttelbruckL- 9160 Ingeldorf

    26 30 23 63

See all duty pharmacies today

Emergency numbers

  • 112 Fire brigade

  • 113 Grand Duchy police emergency numbers

Useful numbers

More useful numbers

The day's traffic news

for dimanche 19 novembre 2017

Traffic cameras

  • Tunnel Howald direction Trèves
  • Croix de Gasperich direction Tunnel Howald
  • Grunewald direction Gasperich

Speed trap controls in Luxembourg

Every day the police publish some of the locations where they will be carrying out speed checks. This measure has mainly an incentive purpose, however, the police will also be carrying out checks in areas not mentioned in the list below.

All speed traps in the country

Parking guide

  • Kirchberg

  • Park and Ride

  • Centre

  • Gare


Job offers with Moovijob

Search for job offers in Luxembourg

Movie of the week

Release of dimanche 19 novembre 2017
  • L'autre côté de l'espoir

    Sherwan Haji, Sakari Kuosmanen, Ilkka Koivula, Janne Hyytiäinen

    Comedie / Drama

  • Harry Potter à l'école des sorciers

    Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, John Cleese


  • Lumière! L'aventure commence

    Thierry Frémaux, Auguste Lumière, Louis Lumière, Martin Scorsese

    Documentary / Portrait

Other releases this week See all the movies on show List of cinemas

Tips and Tricks

Tout au long de l'année, nous vous fournissons divers conseils et astuces sur de nombreuses thématiques. Profitez de bons plans au Luxembourg et d'informations pertinentes sur les sujets qui vous intéressent. Nous vous accompagnons jour après jour afin que vous puissiez régulièrement découvrir des nouveautés plus passionnantes les unes que les autres !

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