Luxembourg gastronomic scene is famous for being wide and various, above all compared to the number of inhabitants. You name something you want to eat – Vietnamese, Peruvian, Thai, Swiss, British – and you will definitely find it within the border of the city. So if you are adventurous in terms of food, you should not be shy to try, as Luxembourg has definitely nothing to envy to most of the biggest European capitals.

We can talk then about the combination between food and atmosphere: what I noted in my 12 years’ experience in the food industry, is that restaurants tend to follow in their deco some very standardized paths and, in most of the cases, restaurants are seen only as “places to eat”, rather than spending a night out. What I missed most, was that London feeling, a restaurant where you can dress up, that has a cosmopolitan atmosphere and a party-mood, while paying at the same time much attention to the food proposal.

Finally a place like the one of my dreams opened in Luxembourg. The Skybar restaurant is located in Bertrange and it is already demolishing all our pre-concepts with a posh, exclusive location BUT inside a mall – specifically, the new City Concorde extension in Bertrange.

Since the first moment you pass the obscured glass door that is separating the Skybar space from the rest of the mall, you have the feeling you are jumping down in a rabbit hole, an intricate ambience of dark reflections, bold colorful decoration and a light at the end of the tunnel – the immense kitchen on view. The restaurant is spacious and tables have a fair, positive distance one to the other. Still, you feel more in a lounge kind-of atmosphere, where people are relaxing, chatting and enjoying, rather than just eating.

The cocktail list is attractively creative and the wine selection not huge, but still at an amazing level. But the most astonishing element is definitely the surprising encounter between such cosmopolitan ambience and a modern, elegant and refined cuisine, never prosaic, with a fusion twist but a classic allure.

While on my first visit we stayed on the fish menu, with a lovely, delicious scallop starter followed by a shrimp ceviche – prepared with chilies, pineapple and pine nuts, to die for! -, on the second visit, I tried the Iberico Pluma, a cut of black pork, marbled in flavored fat that was melted away in the cooking – nevertheless one of the best I had in my life.

Presentation of the dishes is high-class and my suggestion would be to always keep a small space for dessert – even if I am not a dessert person, the matcha cheesecake is definitely worth to break the diet.

Over week-end, the restaurant is pervaded by minimal music and you feel immediately the urge to dance and let your hair down. During week days, it is definitely more relaxed and perfect as well for a business dinner. Still, don’t let the lavish ambience to fool you, the food experience will be as well one to remember and my 2019 resolution is to try all their dishes on the menu.

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