Editus, Les annuaires du Luxembourg
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  • 22/07/2021
  • neimënster - Centre Culturel de Rencontre Abbaye d 28 rue Münster, L-2160 LUXEMBOURG


EN: Netherlands-based Sudanese singer and songwriter Gaidaa accesses the soul in its purest form through organic R&B punctuated by acoustic instrumentation and lyrics laced with raw vulnerability. She puts heart and soul in her music, unleashing powerful ballads with groove-inflected rhythms and touches of soul and jazz. 
Growing up between the Netherlands and Sudan, she immediately gravitated towards music as a way to do just that. She taught herself how to play piano and practiced on a three-string guitar, while also diligently honing her vocals and posting covers to social media. Gaidaa debuted her single  “Morning Blue”  on acclaimed COLORS and has since recorded a variety of singles from Pitchfork or The Fader amongst others. Putting up over 1 million streams independently and garnering support from COLORS, The FADER, Schön! Magazine, and more, the rising songstress holds nothing back on her debut EP, Overture, which was released in June 2020.
Wonderland : “Gaidaa left us breaking the repeat button with her stunning performance”
Flaunt: “The Sudanese singer-songwriter puts her heart and soul in her music”
Organisation: neimënster