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Classic of Russian Cinematography

  • 25/11/2021
  • Ancien Cinéma Café-Club 23 Grand Rue, L-9410 VIANDEN
  • organisateurs : Ancien Cinema asbl

Film & photographie

Earth /?????/ Alexander Dovzhenko, 1930, 70 min, drama, VO, silent

Earth is a 1930 Soviet film by Ukrainian director Alexander Dovzhenko, concerning the process of collectivization and the hostility of Kulak landowners. It is Part 3 of Dovzhenko's "Ukraine Trilogy", regarded as his masterpiece.

Earth is the third of Soviet director Alexander Dovzhenko's "Ukraine tetralogy" (Zvenigora (1928), Arsenal (1929), and Ivan (1932) are the other films in the series). The story tells of a group of farmers in a Ukrainian village, who unite to purchase a tractor. The leader of the peasants is later killed by a kulak, or landowner, who dislikes any form of united front that might pose a threat to his long-established authority. The events fade into memory, but the long-ranging effects of the peasant "revolt"--like the Earth itself--last forever. (H. Erickson)

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