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I do not know about you, but I do not know about eating at Asian restaurants. not questioning about it contents. Since then, I have always considered some kind of Asian restaurants. Peppermint Restaurant definitely went over and beyond my - wrong - idea.

The restaurant is located in Bonnevoie, just a short walk from the train station. It has some bright windows on the street where - surprise! - you can see the kitchen. I feel it is a great presentation, something like saying "we have nothing to hide, look before you try". While most of the restaurants show up their interior decor on the street, they went for a totally different solution . The entrance hall has pastel tones and you have this relaxed feeling while the waitress is guiding you to your restaurant .

The main restaurant room kept the same pastel, relaxed tones with lovely terrarium vases hanging from empty frames. An amazing idea I would definitely copy at my place. We visited Peppermint Restaurant on a Saturday night and the restaurant was busy but not packed, still maintaining a very nice atmosphere and being everything but noisy .

The menu is not one of the most interesting dishes, traveling between Malaysia and Vietnam. My Tamarind Soup Saigon Style has been so far the most incredible culinary highlight of 2019 : a pleasing appearance compensated by an explosion of taste and different consistencies, finally concluded by a pleasant, prolonged spicy note.  My suggestion would definitely go for the most exotic dishes on the menu : Lemongrass Chicken, which are extremely good in their execution but "already seen", while their special dishes, like the Peppermint Prawns or the Vietnamese Black Pepper Beef, will surprise your palate.

The wine card is unexpectedly competent for Asian restaurants, with several great European labels. If you want to feel more local, the best option to accompany their spicy dishes .

Finally a positive note as well as in terms of service: smiles were not added to the bill and we were really keen explaining us in details dishes we had questions about.

Peppermint restaurant is a great example of how to be surprised by a small restaurant, which, in this specific case, offers an unforgettable atmosphere, a kind service and, above all, an amazing exotic food proposal .

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