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Acting for the future of the planet and improving your daily life at the same time is possible! The Bioorg ecosystem is a natural, simple, fast and effective way to protect all people and the planet from harmful chemicals. Adopt Bioorg for your family, your team, your clients, your students, yourself ...

BioOrg is an all-in-one solution to clean both the air and your entire living space : Fast - Simple - Safe - Natural - No water - No chemicals - No device


Enriching your microbiome will not only improve your overall health by protecting your lungs, but will also boost your immune system, naturally.

And this is a good thing. Indoor pollution is 10 times worse than outdoor pollution because it gets trapped inside even when the air is renewed.


With Bioorg you will save time and effort while optimizing your budget because your time and money are much better spent on other things such as parties, gifts, family, business ...


We all know it's high time to do something for the planet. With Bioorg you will save water resources and eliminate chemicals from your environment. And that alone is already a great gift for the Earth.

What is BioOrg?

It is a natural ecosystem based on positive bacteria (probiotics) present in our forests. We install a real natural ecosystem in your home. It will eliminate more than 50% of fine particles, allergens, dust, odors etc ... which weigh down your air, also guaranteeing a rich microbiome and therefore better immunity and general health.

With Bioorg you will also clean everything with a single product, ready to use: spray, wipe and it's clean!

It's quick, easy and efficient because you have so much better things to do than clean up.


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