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  • 1/14/2021
  • organizers : Casino 2OOO

Theater & cabaret

In his 20-year career, Sellig has performed on all the Parisian and French stages, from the Semi-Station to the Olympia…
With this 5th Episode 5 show, as delirious as it is family-oriented, Sellig takes us on an exploration of our daily lives, which are full of situations that are both annoying and funny at the same time. He compares the past to the present: “Was it really better before?”. You will go to the mountains with his truculent sister and his famous brother-in-law, Bernard, for a more than eventful stay. You will discover, among other things, how to keep calm in traffic jams.
In this episode 5, Sellig also meets the characters, and you will meet a colourful actor who finds the world around him extravagant.
You don’t need to have seen Sellig’s previous episodes to come and laugh with family and friends with his show: Episode 5!