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Hiking meets local food

Vallée de l'Irbach - 12,1 km - Robbesscheier

  • 4/14/2021
  • Robbesscheier 1 Frummeschgaass, L-9766 MUNSHAUSEN
  • organizers : Tourist Center Clervaux

Nature, sports and leisure

For this second programme of "Hiking meets local food", the concept has not changed. It still consists of hikes accompanied by a local guide, followed by a 3-course meal with local flavours in one of our participating restaurants in the town. 

Wednesday 14 April

Level: 3
Departure point: Robbesscheier (Free shuttle bus on request from Drauffelt railway station)
Departure time: 9 am
Restaurant: Robbesscheier
Route: 12,1km
Guide : Mirjam
Menu :
Eisleker Quiche (Hupperdange cheese, bacon, onions) Or Vegetarian Quiche
Piglet leg with mustard sauce "Ourdaller", sautéed potatoes, salad Or warm goat's cheese salad, sautéed potatoes
Dessert :
Bourbon Vanilla Crème brulée

The price is fixed at 30 euros per participant. 
The price for children under 9 years of age is 16 euros if they are having lunch.
 > This price includes a snack at the start, guiding and the 3-course meal. Drinks are not included. The total amount must be paid directly to the restaurant at the end of the meal.
Please book via info@touristcenter.lu. When booking, please indicate the number of people (Adults + Children), the date chosen, your spoken and understood language, the choice of menu (if any) and a contact telephone number in case of changes.  We will confirm your registration within the day.
Restrictions in force: Wearing a mask is until now compulsory for outdoor groups, as well as social distance.

In case the restaurants are not allowed to open their doors:
A picnic with local flavours will be organised for the participants. Price of the hike including the picnic: 20 euros.
For the picnic: A bottle of water - Yoghurt from the Drauffelt Farm - 2 sandwiches with venison meatballs (or vegetarian) and Hupperdange cheese - A piece of buckwheat apple/pear cake - A fruit.