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Cigarbox Guitars.


  • 6/24/2022 - 6/25/2022
  • 1535°C - The burning network for creative people 115 rue Emile Mark, L-4620 DIFFERDANGE

Arts & Design

CRAFT 3.0 proposes to interview various Luxembourg and European players in the fields of arts and crafts and the new so-called additive technologies, in order to glimpse the tremendous interest that there may be in the future in bringing together and combining these old and new skills. Beyond the eternal debate between tradition and progress, it is clear today that digital techniques are not intended to oppose this, nor to make it disappear, but on the contrary can prove to be a formidable means of prolonging it, even increasing it! The aim of the exhibition is to explore the current and future shift from age-old gestures to a new craft, nourished and enriched by digital techniques. CRAFT 3.0 offers the visitor a didactic journey in three stages or 'items', dealing both with the state of art craftsmanship today and with a projection into a digital future that questions the world of creation more than ever.

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