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Foyer Assurances

12 Rue Léon Laval L-3372 Leudelange (Leideleng)

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Leader de l’assurance au Luxembourg, le groupe Foyer propose une gamme complète de solutions en assurance, prévoyance et gestion de fortune aux particuliers tout comme aux professionnels.

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Updated on jeudi 06 octobre 2016

Professional insurer

HEALTH – "medicis": optimal cover for the whole family's healthcare costs


Extended healthcare cover from "medicis confort" completes the benefits from the national health service and guarantees financial support when you need it.

Advantages of "medicis confort"

  • Up to 100% coverage of outpatient treatment including medication, therapeutic aids and dental care
  • Full cover for first class hospital costs
  • Free choice of physician and hospital throughout Europe (including Switzerland)
  • Daily indemnity for each day spent in hospital
  • Assistance for children

"medicis hospi +" is the ideal solution to cover only your hospital costs

"Medicis hospi+" insurance is a useful top-up to the national health service (CNS) offering maximum cover in the event of hospitalisation throughout Europe. It guarantees optimal comfort should you be hospitalised.

Advantages of "medicis hospi +"

  • Free choice of hospital throughout Europe
  • Compensation for the costs of first-class treatment
  • Expenses settled directly with the hospital
  •  Cover of pre and post-operative care for 30 before and 90 days after surgery
  • "medicis hospi+" applies even when no authorisation for transfer abroad has been issued by the national health service (CNS).


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